Aeronautical insurance


The insurance of the aeronautical segment offers protection against air transport risks. Among such risks, there are accuracy of insurance coverage relating to damages caused to airplane or helicopter hulls and to their facilities. There is also guarantee in terms of reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of claims and civil responsibility by which the insured will be required to pay for damages caused to passengers, loads, air crew and to fixed assets in result of the use of the aircraft.

In the aviation liability the incidence of specific rules can be highlighted, as such the brazilian aeronautical code which ascertain, for example, the compulsory recruitment of policy with an insurance coverage named “ explorer or aerial carrier liability”. Thus, the aeronautical branch its not only recommendable but also compulsory.

Address / recipient

Focused essentially in airlines, being or not them the owners of the operating airplanes, considering the types of insurance available and to the risks that they are subjected in to the course of the airline business, both in the movement of cargoes and people.

However, the operators of the aeronautical fields are various, among which we can quote the executive air transport, agricultural aviation, flying school, air charter operators among others. Therefore, it is a field with considerable extent regarding the potentials contractors.

Services offered

Given the complexity of the field and, consequently, of the policies that govern those conditions, a constant and specialized legal performance is needed, since the issuance of the policy to the regulation of a potential claim, that reaches high values according to this field. As such, we perform with the analyses of the fact regarding the correct application of the legal hedges and guarantees hired, giving to insurer and insured, the indispensable legal security required. This is, therefore a trade oriented to goods and events of high financial and social proportion which requires, consequently, closely and more specialized performance, requirements in which acg advogados is market leader.

Legal relevance

The importance of legal assistance in the aeronautical insurance field arises from the very nature of the goods/ assets protected, notoriously, aircrafts, which reaches market values in thousand dollars, so that any deal involving those goods must be established within the strictest legality and transparency. Notwithstanding the value of the insured goods, claims involving aircrafts achieves significant proportions, reason why the correct legal assistance will provide security for the insurer, ensuring the correct rearrangement of the company material property and the attenuation of eventual moral damage from those potentially achieved by the harmful event, always guided by the contractual dictates, eliminating the possibility of expose insurer and insured under unnecessary risks.

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