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We have been in the Insurance market for over 75 years.

The law firm that gave birth to the then-law firm Ariosto, Cunha e Guimaro Advogados was formed in 1940, and its holder is Bruno Botelho Pereira Bueno, a renowned insurance lawyer, and has represented Brazil on several occasions in the exterior. Also, and within the scope of the Commercial Law, the firm had as its founding partner the renowned lawyer Tullio Ascarelli, originating the law firm Ascarelli, Falbo and Bueno.

In 1979, after the death of the founders of the law firm Ascarelli, Falbo and Bueno, the direction of the firm was taken over by then-lawyer insurance specialist Dr. Isabel Cunha, graduated from the Largo de São Francisco Law School - USP and PhD in Law from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Ariosto, Cunha e Guimaro Advogados law firm's mission is to connect insurance law to society through the provision of specialized and qualified service.

The tradition of ACG Advogados allows us to have a holistic view of the market, but always seeking modernization and knowledge necessary to the needs of each of our clients.

Our goal is to provide a quality technical service, with constant improvement and development of the insurance market. The firm's objective is to instruct clients from the underwriting of policies to the effective settlement of claims and sponsorship in any litigation or arbitration.

The firm has notorious and widespread experience in all areas that encompass the insurance operation, as well as extensive and tested expertise in the preventive and judicial litigation applied to insurance contracts, demonstrating over the years a great commitment to the Insurers and National and international reinsurers, precisely to provide them with the best contractual practice and the most up-to-date legal understanding for each subject of dispute, dispute or consultation.

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