General Liability Insurance


When living in society, it is not uncommon to have consequences in the patrimonial sphere arising from voluntary or involuntary acts, falling on the one that gave rise to the prejudice, the duty of civil reparation.

SUSEP Circular 437/12 comes about basic rules for the circulation of this insurance, which is so important as equally comprehensive. As there are numerous coverages, such as, Operations, Products, Garagista, Employer, etc., it is important to point out that among the options, there is a similar purpose: protection against third parties.

Address / Recipient

According to the SUSEP definition, IN General Liability Insurance “the Insurance Company guarantees the Insured, when liable for damages caused to third parties, the reimbursement of indemnities that are required to pay, by way of reparation, by a final judicial sentence, or by agreement with the third parties prejudiced, with the consent of the Insurance Company, since the provisions of the contract have been fulfilled”.

Services Offered

in this sense, General Liability Insurance represents a mechanism of effective protection for situations that are outside the daily control of individuals and legal entities, since they are possible to be contracted in the form of reimbursement, what means that they guarantee the payment to injured parties or reimbursement arising from payments made to third parties, up to the limit contracted in the policy, and according to the coverage contracted.

With this in mind, ACG Advogados counts on professionals who have a wide knowledge in the performance of judicial and extrajudicial procedures that seek to safeguard any risks to the assets of the insured professionals, notably regarding the attribution of civil responsibility about their acts.

In addition, we are also a reference on the market because of claims regulation process of this comprehensive insurance, where all analysis is set in a careful way, always based on the contractual specifications and according to local jurisprudence.

Legal Relevance

As seen before, the great importance of this insurance, is due to the fact of the constant risk that every person in society (legal or not) is daily exposed to, where interpersonal, commercial and others, requires to this kind of insurance.

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