Agribusiness insurance


Agribusiness is one of the pillars of the national economy, and as a result of financial and social relevance, requires protection of a specific and coherent security line with the characteristics of this productive sector. The agribusiness insurance seeks the fostering of the agricultural activity through warranties that embraces all the production chain. As such, the insurances oriented to the agribusiness encompass assorted kind of modalities and coverages, among which can be mentioned, in particular, the policies targeted to the protection of supplies and equipment used in planting activities, handling and harvesting of agricultural crops, among such can be mentioned tractors, harvester covers, planter’s machines, etc.

In the market there are also policies directed to the protection of the capital employed at the tillage, providing warranties to the producer, who may be reimbursed for capital expenditure related to the purchase of inputs for farm maintenance or for the estimated value to the productiveness of the unrealized agricultural crop.

Addressee/ recipient

Due to the nature of the insurance,  geared to equipment, agricultural inputs,  capital expenditure and expected profit  safeguard , as well as, in some cases, provider of specific guarantee for particular types of good as grains and fruits, this kind of insurance reveals its wide-ranging pectrum in the agricultural industry and may be purchased by legal or natural person,  being rural producers, association or cooperative producers, reseller machinery company, agricultural equipment dealership and financial agents.

Services offered

In this insurance branch, a performance-oriented to particular dictates of the agricultural field is essential. Our legal members develop a work ruled by specific legislation as well as rules and regulations applicable to the to this area, concerning to the activity, giving direction and legal enforcement to specific actions. So, considering an eventual claiming between insured and the insurance company, we perform with the analyses of the specific case and the application of specific rules related to agribusiness service, providing to the customer an appropriated overview of the best solution of the case.

Our technical expertise in the field add value to the transactions of the customer, in which the highly qualified acg advogados team is ready to help and assist in all required areas.

Legal relevance

In general, it is primordial at contractual relationships, to have a proper legal assistance. A capable and appropriated assistance facilitates a proper understanding of the facts on the basis of the most diversified sources of law as well as to the particular applicable administrative rules.  Particularly, on the agribusiness field, this is vitally important, given that an analysis made by a skilled professional, in a preventive measure or in court, is crucial, characteristics that acg advogados team notoriously holds.

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