Lectures and Training

ACG Advogados and our collaborators offer a plethora of courses and trainings seeking to perfect and improve the processes managed by the Insurance Companies, focusing on the continuous search for professional excellence.

We have programs directed to the Insurance Company, Insurance Broker and Claim Regulators, encompassing many areas, from the claim´s management and regulation to the application of SUSEP´s Circular.


This course´s intention is to pass on knowledge to the participants about licit forms of estate planning structuring and, in a few cases, governance implementation.

Target Audience

Corporate executives, claim departments, risk subscriptions, lawyers, brokers and other concerned parties.

Executivos de empresas, departamento de sinistro, subscrição de riscos, advogados, corretores e demais interessados.

Where can the courses be carried out?

The programs can be carried out in the place of the company´s desire, on dates and slots to be scheduled with the client.

In Company

Courses formatted exclusively for your Company.

We offer programs directed and structured to attend the company´s real necessities while focusing on the activities it performs. All the available courses have programmatic content adapted for each of the companies.

The main objective is to create a form to perfect their management qualification and to seek excellence in the company´s results.

Main service areas:

  • Financial Lines – D&O – director and officer’s liability insurance or E&O – professional liability insurance;
  • Liability Insurance;
  • Transport Insurance;
  • Property Insurance;
  • Engineering All Risk Insurance;
  • Guarantee Insurance;
  • Life Insurance;
  • Supplemental Health Insurance;
  • Vehicle Insurance;
  • Environmental Insurance;

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