Transport insurance


The transport insurance, containing  road transport,  aerial, railway,  waterway and pipeline transportations  modals, can be found in the insurance market under to biases, being the first invoked against the  owner of the goods (damages insurance) and the second one geared towards carrier liability, regardless of modals (civil liability insurance).

Address/ recipient

Faced with the legal enforceability of the insurance hiring (art. 20 do decreto-lei nº 73/1966), the damage insurance is compulsory to the owner of the goods, against risk of fire and transportation of goods placed or carried by in the country.

On the other hand, the transporter liability insurance, whatever the type of modality hired, is invoked against/ face to the transporter by any damage to the loads, considering his objective responsibility.

Services offered

The policies related to the transport insurance demands a thorough analysis of her clauses and undertaken obligations by both parties, insurer and policyholder, especially in the international transportation segment, where the agreements are generally signed abroad as such, we perform in the consulting and litigation areas, evaluating national and international rules, seeking for its best application in each specific case,  giving legal orientation notes to the parties, aiming at the best implementation of the police agreed-standards, always according to the sources of law, ratifying those terms in case of legal proceedings.

We also perform in the recovery of values indemnified by insurance companies trough informal and judicial collections where any future decision is supported by analytical report about the all legal and financial issues involved in each sinister.

The same applies in cases where we perform directly to the owner of the goods and conveyors, agents of logistic companies and alike, where all the work, being or not consulting, is guided by a rigorous analyze and the definition of development strategies, according to the requirement of the customer.

Legal relevance

The transport insurance line reach an appreciable volume of policies, especially in a country with a large geographical proportion with high yields, as in the case of Brazil. In this scenario, the volume of losses inherent to transport issues, particularly road transportation, that represents the predominance in the country, may cause financial consequences to the companies involved as well as in the market performance, where it’s essential to have the guidance of a specialized office, from the legal advice to the legal acting, considering that our service supply is endowed with the highest competence and expertise in the area.

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