Property insurance


It is a broad group, which covers specific branches and addresses the most diverse needs. The property group is one of the best known and also one of the most usual and necessary in our society.

The basic coverage is composed for fire, lightning and explosion hazards, and may include several other coverages such as windstorm, electric damage, vehicle impact, theft and theft of goods among several other options.

Address / recipient

Aimed at a wide range of stakeholders, the property insurance may contribute to a variety of people, whether legal or not. An example of this is the comprehensive residential insurance, intended for individual homes, houses an

D apartments, inhabited or holiday homes, as well as named and operational risks insurance, which provides coverages and differentiated solutions aiming the protection of assets for business of a particular company

The property group is highly necessary, as well as mandatory for certain cases, where the basic coverage, including fire risk, arises from compulsory law measure, quoting as an example, the case of condominium building, where article 1.346 of the civil code establishes as compulsory the insurance of any building against the risk of fire or destruction, whether total or partial.

Services offered

Our technical and legal knowledge allows the client, whether insurer or insured, to have all the necessary support according  to  the best legal source and in the guidelines of SUSEP – Superintendência de seguros privados, and CNSP – Conselho nacional de seguros privados.

We perform from the consultative sphere, through technical opinion and support in the previous decision making, until litigation, whether in active or passive pole. In addition, ACG Advogados has a team prepared to act in the collections for the reimbursement of the security indemnities by virtue of subrogation.

Legal relevance

Considering the variety nature of this field of insurance, it can protect the most diverse situations and operations, contributing to the protection of assets, as well as enabling the continuity of a wide range of businesses.

In addition to provide basic coverage, which in certain cases may be mandatory, it also brings a wide range of additional coverage that may provide a differentiated solution for each situation.

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