Energy Insurance


The area achieve a large sort of policies that guarantees risks inherent to different forms of power generation among which stands out solar, wind, chemical, petrochemistry  and hydroelectric energies. Therefore, this is an insurance that covers subjects as civil liability and machine breakdowns, however formatted with particular requirements related to this field that’s indispensable and with a market restricted to few traders.

Address / recipient

The insurances related to the energy business can be hired by   power plant’s, be them for hydroelectric, wind or solar energy, mines operators, gas or oil pipelines,  drilling companies of oil wells  among others  various  market traders, considering the range of coverings offered that encompass  the protection of assets and places of exploitation of energy activity.

Services offered

We perform with deeply  attention on the orientation and management of the cases  inherent to all areas of energy insurance , considering that the policies involves highly  specialized technical aspects as much from a juridical angle as under the engineering  perspective , so that we embrace our work in the legislation applicable to the insurance contracts, but not  underestimating the  techniques , standards, regulations and others drivers related to the exploiting energy activity, since  the determining factor to the resolution of the demand may reside exactly in the correct appliance and  interpretation of  the particular provisions of the area.

Legal relevance

In the regulation of this activity field, is recommended to seek an appropriate legal counsel to settle all and ever controversy that should fall upon the interpretation and appliance of the contractual terms. In addition, an out-of-court disputes settlements offer to the parts, aside from gain in time, a significant cost reduction to the claims.

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