E&O Insurance


It is a civil liability insurance aimed to independent professionals such as lawyers, doctors among others. E&O is the abbreviation of the expression “Error and Omissions”.

As the name already implies, it is a guarantee intended to protect professionals from errors and omissions caused to their clients/customers/ patients and alike when exercising their profession.

Address / Recipient

Directed to liberal/independent professionals of the most diverse areas and branch of actuations.

Service Offered

ACG Advogados is a reference in E&O insurance, and has played an important role in the regulation of this claims field, as well as acting in judicial defenses of the Insurance Companies for a long time. We have a specialized team trying to attend the customer´s needs, always considering what is new in the jurisprudence, and what has been reiterated in our Courts, without ever forgetting the norms and circulars inherent to the E&O branch.

Legal relevance

Because of the risks that liberal professionals of the most diverse branches are exposed to, it is fundamental to contract an E & O insurance in order to protect the insured against third parties. On the other hand, insurers are increasingly being demanded because of the growth of this branch, being essential a specialized legal advice, of which our team is certainly the best prepared in the market.

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