Credit Insurance


Credit insurance aims the protection of certain especial deals against the risk of default of commercial transactions dues.

Address / recipient

According to SUSEP concept, internal credit insurance is a modality that have the objective of insured reimbursement, in credit operations carried out with clients domiciled in the country, of the definitive net losses caused by an insolvent debtor.

Services offered

These definitive net losses correspond to the total of the undisclosed credit in addition to the expenses of its recovery and deducted from the amounts actually received related to this credit.

In this field, the claim is settled when the debtor is insolvent, which is recognized through judicial or extrajudicial measures taken to debit payment. Therefore, for the correct and precise judicial defense, or also, opinion or support in administrative headquarters, it is essential the performance of a qualified professional  that have knowledge about this branch of insurance, a requirement that ACG Advogados have, being   able to act in the interests of its clients, always based on the best jurisprudence and insurance standards.

Legal relevance

For dealing with business protection against the insolvency of third parties, it is an insurance that has great economic relevance and finds more and more space in the market.

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