The automobile group has several branches for the most varied coverage, such as casco, which provides basic vehicle coverage against risk of collision, fire, theft and robbery. There is also, in the same automobile group, the DPVAT insurance, which is mandatory by law and is intended to compensate victims of traffic accidents, whether they are drivers, passengers or pedestrians.

Another insurance also popularly known is the optional civil liability insurance terrestrial automotive vehicles – RCFV. As its name implies, it is an insurance whose contracting is optional, which is intended to protect the insured against any damage caused to a third party, such auto collisions  or running over someone.

The automobile group is not limited to the aforementioned branches, but these correspond to those commonly used in society.

Address / recipient

In fact, the three branches mentioned above have as their main purpose the protection of the insured, whether of their assets or of civil liability towards third parties. The most diverse branches of insurance incorporated to the automobile group, which correspond to a huge aid and protection, allows safety and tranquility to the owner of the car.

Services offered

We perform with deep attention in the orientation and conduction of processes inherent to the branches of auto insurance in different spheres of interest; judicial or extrajudicial.

ACG Advogados also has a highly trained reimbursement team skilled to obtain great results in the administrative sphere of compensation, and also with defined strategies in case the collection has to follow the course of the judicial sphere.

Legal relevance

Because of a mandatory character in certain modalities and because it has specific protection coverage, and also allows the preservation of insurance against third parties, it is fundamental to hire motor vehicle insurance to protect wealth and financial assets.

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