Administrative Reimbursements

The recourse´s preliminary analysis process (from the legal and economical points of view) and the definition of a strategy.

The definition of a strategy takes into consideration factors such as the third party´s history (whether or not they firm administrative agreements); the existence of a Mediation and Conciliation Chamber in the area of competence; limitation periods and the necessity of a quick return regarding negotiation progresses, among others.

Once the strategy has been defined, at times as a result of a combined effort between ACG Advogados and the client, our refund sector start the amicable collection procedure, either through an extrajudicial notification or through a pre-procedural complaint.

In case of a successful negotiation, that is, with recovery of values, by the time the limitation period ends, we proceed to elaborate a minute of an agreement followed by the monitoring of its completion.

In the event of an unsuccessful negotiation by the timeout of the limitation period (which could happen for a variety of reasons, such as the lack of interest in an agreement by the opposing party), we proceed to elaborate a final analysis, which could serve to base and assist the client´s future decision-making loop.

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