Artificial Intelligence

Distribution Monitoring

With the intention to bring innovation, efficiency and cost reduction to our clients and partners, we have implemented in our system the newest and most complete method of preventive reasoning, which, through artificial intelligence, carry out the monitoring of new legal actions at moment of their distribution, even preceding the Defendant´s service.

System’s benefits:

  • Quality, celerity and precision in relation to the risk evaluation.
  • Early receiving of process distribution.
  • Avoidance of trials in absentia.
  • Productivity in the management of claims and deal making.
  • Preventive artificial intelligence.
  • Access to the complaint.
  • The capture of about 94,8% of the complaints around the national territory.

Complete and strategic procedural information.

  • We receive notifications about new lawsuits and motions with until 60 days anticipating their serving.
  • Monitoring and information delivery regarding the advancements on physical and electronic lawsuits.
  • Artificial intelligence and the outcome´s prediction considering lawsuit´s subject, claim, district and the local Court by using the most acute jurimetrics (in a simple and straight analysis, the application of statistics on law).
  • It automatically identifies the closed lawsuits, keeping the database updated.

In addition, it’s easy to analyze the court justice’s behavior and predict, through machine learning, jurimetrics and artificial intelligence, the lawsuits’s possible outcomes, allowing for the customization according to the business’s specific needs.

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