Environmental insurance


Refers to an insurance that can be contracted by any legal entity, especially those who use in their production some type of raw material that can cause environmental pollution (potential polluter).

Address / recipient

It is a risk management instrument that intends to guarantee to the insured and to society that the legal duty to indemnify, repair or compensate damages caused to the environment and to third parties affected by the activity carried out by the insured will be fulfilled.

Service offered

Its main objective is to cover risks of environmental pollution arising from sudden and gradual events related to industrial, operational and service activities that may cause damage to the environment and to third parties. So, it is an insurance that has relevance to companies in wide range of sectors, not only production, transport, works, etc.

ACG Advogados office works with deep attention in the orientation and conduction of processes inherent to environmental insurance, always following the legislation relevant to the subject and insurance contracts, however, without leaving aside the norms, regulations and other drivers of the activity that may have an environmental impact.

Legal relevance

Given the duty of environmental preservation and repairment that the companies said as potential polluters are susceptible to, it is important to contract environmental insurance as a way to enable the compensation that the companies must be subjected to.

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