Judicial Reimbursement

The process of a judicial recovery of values, through the right of recourse, in most times succeeds the administrative collection. That is due to the knowledge that an amicable resolution would be a more attractive and less costly course of action for both the collector and the collected party.

Notwithstanding, in the possibility of the non-realization of an administrative agreement, the firm´s final analysis (formulated through a legal opinion) is based on the legal and economic aspects of each case, bringing along the necessary support to the client´s evaluation of the judicial collection´s continuance.

If the client opts to continue the judicial collection, our specialized team of lawyers provide all the necessary support to the client, from the elaboration of the adequate pleading to the lawsuit´s closure throughout its duration, including the updated Outstanding Claims Reserve in accordance to each Company´s needs.

ACG Advogados, aware of the complexity of insurance law´s subject matters, such as cases involving Transport lines, verifying the need to make motions and/or oral arguments, spare no efforts in the defense of their client´s interests.

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